iPhone Tampon Game

Throwing Tampons in the Game

Tampon Toss Game for iPhone/iPod

Tampon Toss for iPhone and iPod Touch is a game that allows you to take revenge on your school and throw tampons at your classmates, teachers, objects and more!

The game starts out in your school hallway where you throw tampons at many different people and objects to earn points. Watch out though, throwing tampons too fast will raise suspicion and you might get caught!

There are currently 4 fun and addicting game levels to play for iPhone and iPod Touch. As you progress, you'll get to throw tampons in all the different school areas.

To toss your tampon, just flick your finger in the direction you want the tampon to go!

Download the famous and addicting Tampon Game now on the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch!

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